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Church of the Holy Advent
Episcopal Church

St. Luke Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden at Holy Advent is designed to be a place of tranquil beauty, set aside for the interment of ashes and for prayer and meditation.  Located behind the church and parish house, the garden is enclosed with shrubs and planted with a variety of seasonal flowers.  A boulder with names and dates of those buried in the first and second quadrants sits along the side of the garden.  The names for the rows in the first and second quadrants reference persons important in the Gospel of St. Luke the Physician, who is remembered for his care-taking ministry.  In the future, a bower is planned for the entrance. 

Memorial Garden Guidelines

All members of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Advent and their families may be buried in the Memorial Garden.  Others may be interred at the discretion of the Rector. 

Ashes are placed in a linen bag before burial so that they will become assimilated with the earth.  Each burial plot is approximately 2 feet square by 12 inches deep.  No markers are placed on individual plots.  A bronze plaque on a boulder at the garden will hold individual nameplates, identical in size and shape and giving the names and dates of birth and death of the deceased.   A chart of the places of interment showing exact locations is kept in the Parish Office, with copies available upon request.  It is requested that no décor be left in the garden.

The contribution requested for burial in the garden is $300.  This includes the plot, which may hold as many as 4 interments. The cost of the nameplates for the memorial plaque is separate.  A Certificate of Right to Burial must be prepared and remains in the Parish Office.  

For more information or to request a plot, please contact the Parish office at 860-669-2232.